Кой стои зад Beeluvd

Hello! I am Galya and I am a man of art! Short, precise and clear 🙂

I’ve been drawing and handmaking for as long as I can remember – going through drawing the characters from “Fruits movie” back in kindergarten, through the “Center for working with children”, with whom we did so many different things in high school and we get to Bachelor Degree in design from the university. During all these years I have created many things – drawings / paintings, sculptures, panels, embroidery, knitting on one, two, five hooks, tapestries, decoupage, mixed media, painting on canvas, stones, textiles, wood, etc. n., etc.

I can’t list everything, but it’s not important at the moment… It took me a while, but I discovered the things I’m really good at and give me indescribable pleasure to do and one of them became the Beeluvd brand.

Beeluvd is entirely a child of my creative nature… without logic and with a wild passion to create… Beeluvd is my way to escape from people and reality to immerse myself in the whirlwind of colors and emotions.

“It’s a dizzying journey from my experiments with painting on textiles and more.”

It all started back in 2015 as an outburst of “I want to paint a blouse for myself!”, Then I painted myself a bag, and shoes, and another T-shirt, and dress, and backpack… And so on until there were piles of unique clothes, which I had nowhere to carry and store, and I still had ideas for so many more…. Although “I don’t like people” I had to meet a few shops with which we could offer the clothes I painted in partnership. I immediately took up the space at home with sewing machines and started learning to sew, which resulted in some great handmade and paint clutches.

“If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be in fashion and jewelry industry, I would have laughed at him, but this has become my real passion very seriously.”

But with my first son born, I began to think more and more about the footprint we leave behind, and although most of the bags I sell are reusable cotton shopping bags, T-shirts were still “fast-moving” goods. . Personally for me and my family I often buy second-hand clothes, because I think they have the right to have a second chance, and I’m not very pretentious about what I’m going to wear – anything with a little hand-painted flower on the left looks great 🙂 That’s why Beeluvd project turn on other direction. Now I only draw individual orders and I stopped buying new t-shirts just because I have an idea in my head… I just started sketching the ideas in a notebook….

And one day “Grandma Martha Holiday” (Bulgarian Custom) came… I had to make company favors (“martenitsas” to surpass those from last year (which were also unique and handmade)… And I came up with the idea for brooches from hand-painted beer caps… They became great… Some wonderful views of mountains at sunset and starry skies over lonely peaks…. From here Beeluvd started to turn into a brand that paints useless for anyone caps and turns them into wonderful different and colorful jewelry…

And here the story is yet to be written….

My philosophy
Be different, respect nature, create beauty!
The values, I believe in
  1. Look for the small details.

  2. Respect nature.

  3. Make people smile.

  4. Spread inspiration.

  5. Give away happiness.

  6. Embrace with love.

Какво ме вдъхновява

Everything. There is so much inspiration everywhere – the mountains, the flowers, the animals. But the man next to me is one of my biggest inspirations. He is the person who will stand by me while I am painting and with such love will look at me and say “You are the “Wonder-woman”. I don’t know how you do it, but one day I will reveal your secret!

The dream that gives me wings right now

I dream constantly and for many and many things… I have small, medium and big dreams, and I love the first ones the most, because the pleasure to achieve them is so great and immediately after the first one you go to the second dream, then to the third, and so on. There is no stopping… The next winged dream on the horizon is moving to the house in the village, where I will create my own corner with all my paints, brushes, lines, pencils, sewing machines and tons of materials for all kind of creation… Where every morning I will go on the patio with a cup of hot chocolate and I will look at the snowy peaks of Rila mountain. And then inspired I will sit down to create something unique….

Soon very soon!

Why chose my store


Every item in our store is hand painted with best quality and long lasting paint. The colors are bright, strong and do not change over the time. Every product is made individualy ot request.



You can customize and personalized your own item – clothes or jewelries. Choose a color, shape or image or try to explain it to me and I willc reat you a unique piece of art just for you. Use your imagination and I am here to materialize your ideas.



Every item is uinique as it is handmade with love. Even if it is drawn more than once it is always different and you can be sure that no one will have absolutiely same as yours.